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Dr. Mihle

Welcome to Cape Fear Endodontics

At Cape Fear Endodontics you can count on us to provide the personalized care and service you deserve. Dr. Timothy Mihle has three decades of experience as a professional endodontist. He will listen to your concerns and keep you informed throughout the entire treatment program. If you have come to the point of consulting with us, you are or have been in pain. Dr. Mihle will meet with you to determine the best course of action for relief, which may require endodontic therapy.

Endodontics is a specific field of dentistry that focuses on the internal tissues of the teeth. If you have a damaged or infected tooth, extraction is not the only option you may have. A root canal can save your tooth and relieve your pain. The horror stories of painful root canals are no longer the norm. Root canals are now virtually pain free through the use of modern, sophisticated equipment and proven endodontic techniques.

Dr. Timothy Mihle is the Wilmington, NC root canal dentist to trust with his extensive experience and dedicated staff. You can count on us to provide the highest quality work and exceptional service. Give us a call today at (910) 343-3333.

Dr. Mihle offers extremely safe oral sedation for root canal procedures. During the procedure, the patient is monitored by state-of-the-art Criticare nGenuity equipment that monitors blood pressure, EKG, pulse, respiration and blood oxygen levels. Cape Fear Endodontics also utilizes advanced LexiComp software to improve the safety of prescription medications by monitoring drug interactions. READ MORE ›